Doc vocab

Dialogue- conversations that take place between subjects in a film (or subject and the filmaker.

Factual- Attempting to relay information that is accurate about something real or actual; based on facts.

Fictional- something invented; a made- up story

Footage- refers to all material used in a film, including edited and  unedited sequences.

Opinion- an evidence-based personal belief or judgment that, unlike a fact, can be disputed by another person without either of you being worng.

Persuade- to cause to believe; convince

Point of view- sometimes abbreviated as POV, the perspective from which a story is told; in film, also refers to a shot that depicts a characters outlook or position

Re-enactment- a depiction created at a later time than the actual event

Represent- to re-tell; all media is a representation of something( E.g. a photograph of a horse is not the actual horse; it represents the horse)

Stock footage (archival footage)- footage that is included in a film that is often shot by another filmmaker or for another project and not specifically for the film

Subjects- the topics of the film or the people the film features

Voice-over- a production technique or creative device in which an off-screen voice is used for narration

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